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Your Confidence Profile Course

Your Confidence Profile
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Observe a range of personality traits with this online course.

Your Confidence Profile

Have you ever wished that you were more confident? Or wondered what it is that makes other people seem to have more confidence than you do? Or, perhaps, you want to make sure that the people that you employ are confident individuals. If so, there is something that you can do to make you more aware of the personality traits that dictate confidence.

Your Confidence Profile is an eLearning course that has been developed to help you to recognise a variety of personality traits. The conclusions that you will be given are based upon what is considered to be ‘normal’ when it comes to personality and confidence.

There is just one module for this online course, but it covers a variety of areas so that you will have a fully comprehensive overview of the subject. These areas are: Have you ever reflected on your personality?; How do you see yourself compared to how others see you?; and How does your personality match your chosen career or ambitions?

Once you have completed Your Confidence Profile, you will be in the position to be able to measure five sets of traits from low to high. These traits are: sociable and outgoing; self-assured and positive; determined and resolute; exploitative and manipulative; and stress and how you cope with it.

It will take you just 30 minutes to complete this eLearning course, but you can only access it on Internet Explorer.

Learners do not need to have any previous experience or knowledge of the subject matter before taking advantage of the eLearning course, nor do they need to have any particular prior qualifications.

There are many benefits to having a look at Your Confidence Profile, including making sure that you are in the best career for your personality.


Please Note: This course should only be viewed on Internet Explorer 7 or above.


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