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Using Body Language in the Workplace Course

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This online assessment course will help you assess the degree to which you are able to use body language to improve your performance in interviews, meetings and presentations.

Using Body Language in the Workplace

This online eLearning course is important for a variety of working environments and employees, and provides a detailed insight into body language and how it can be used in the workplace. The worker will be able to assess the degree to which they are able to use body language already, and then improve on this for when they are in meetings, presenting or in an interview.

The course provides a methodology and structure that is different to other similar courses, as it is intended to be both a guide to using body language as well as a self-assessment task to see how well you have absorbed new knowledge relating to body language. You can link this course with other similar courses we offer.

By using these courses, you will be able to obtain a clear idea of how well you already use body language, and interpret it. This allows you to work on your ability and ensure that you appear relaxed and confident whilst presenting and in interviews.

As well as providing you with an insight into how well you currently use body language, you will also develop the skill to assess yourself and make improvements. The course is a running assessment exercise that actively places the student in the shoes of a manager that might be conducting an interview of some kind of performance review. The assessment will require you to interpret the body language of an interviewee and indicate what they may be feeling in relation to their body language.


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