Many people decide to train for a new job because they feel as though they are stuck in a rut, never managing to progress beyond the level there are at, or they are bored by their current role. However, there is no reason why you should feel as though extra training isn't right for you just because you don't fit the traditional criteria. Anyone can have the desire to improve their skills, even if it's just for their own satisfaction. There are plenty of distance learning courses which could suit even those who are truly happy in their jobs.

For many, there is a little more they could learn about IT, with upgrades and additions made to various software packages and whole menus which are often a mystery to those who might use them. A lot of people know enough to do what they need to do but don't actually realise that they could be making their lives easier if they understood a little more. Perhaps you could automate some of the things you currently do manually. Maybe your methods could be made more efficient if you knew how to use the functions designed for more advanced users. Whatever you would like to be able to do, there is a distance learning course for you which could help you to make the most of the technology at your fingertips.

You might wish to learn another language to help you to achieve a little more in your current role. Whilst most bilingual roles require someone who is fluent in a second language, any company which has an international presence will appreciate the efforts of an employee who can speak even a little of a foreign language. Even if it just helps you to forge a more friendly relationship with your colleagues in other countries, knowing how to make polite conversation could be a great asset to you.

Perhaps you just want to learn about the roles of those that you manage, in which case you could learn something which might surprise you. Understanding the details of the jobs that you have to oversee could make you a more sympathetic manager, give you an insight into how to improve things for those who work under you and enable you to make progress which would otherwise be impossible. Whatever you want to achieve in the workplace, there are plenty of distance learning courses which could help you.

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