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The Purpose and Goals of Time Management Course

The Purpose and Goals of Time Management
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This online course will help you to discover ways to manage your time more effectively.

The Purpose and Goals of Time Management

Many courses impress upon managers and staff the importance of time management. Although these tips and advice can help us to cut out the distractions that keep us from meeting our objectives and completing assignments on time, there’s a bigger question that needs to be answered: why is time management important, and what does it aim to achieve?

That’s what this online eLearning course, The Purpose and Goals of Time Management, will help you to answer. In a fast-paced business world where staff redundancies are being made and companies are trying to do more with less in order to remain competitive, this 20-minute programme will help you to realise why keeping a meticulous record of how you spend your time in the office is essential.

The focus of this eLearning exercise is self-evaluation, and by learning how to critique the time logs you will be encouraged to create upon completing this course, it will be possible to identify the responsibilities of your job which consume most of your time during the working week. What’s more, this technique will additionally give you the chance to acknowledge the things you aren’t focusing on enough, which will in turn improve your efficiency and the overall profitability of the company you work for.

Whether you decide to use software in order to monitor the time spent on projects, a stopwatch, or a notebook, the skills your company can embrace through this course will help you to make noticeable improvements in the way business is conducted. Your customers might also see a positive difference in your results, which can subsequently result in bigger contracts and business growth. The Purpose of Goals and Time Management can be viewed only on Internet Explorer. By increasing the scrutiny you place on your own performance, you have the irresistible opportunity to prevent the time-consuming problems that might be on the horizon.

Please note that this course can only be viewed in Internet Explorer 7 and above.


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