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The Freedom of Information Act Course

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The Freedom of Information Act was put in place to allow the public a right of access to information held about public authorities. This e-learning course explains the ins and outs of the Act, and how it relates to you.

The Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act may seem like a complicated issue, but with this online eLearning course, it doesn’t have to be! The Freedom of Information Act hit the headlines in 2005 when it came into effect.

If your company needs to understand the act and how it can relate to your company, then this online course is an ideal addition to your workforce strategy. The course helps users understand exactly how the act works and how it can benefit you.

In fact, the course has been specifically designed to explain the ins and outs of the Act without complicated language. It lets staff practice handling realistic scenarios with a range of activities, as well – what’s more, it only takes 40 minutes to complete!

In less than an hour, users will be able to understand the basics of the Act and be able to implement that knowledge into their daily work. The course will look at what the Freedom of Information Act and who it relates to and can benefit. It will also look at the sort of information that it is and isn’t covered by. Furthermore, it will help users learn how businesses should respond to a request for information, and how it can provided in an effective, efficient and professional manner.

Perhaps most importantly, the course will also look at the instances whereby the business is legally allowed to refuse a request in order to protect personal and sensitive information, perhaps relating to clients.

The course is really important since the law coming into effect in 2005, and it’s important that staff who would deal with these requests understands the ins and outs. This eLearning course allows them to learn everything they need to know in a comfortable online environment – and it also means that they can learn whenever they want, wherever they want.


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