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The English Sentence Course

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The English Sentence will help to make everyday written communication more purposeful, correct and efficient. It looks at constructing sentences, and how to use verbs, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, prepositions and adjectives correctly.

The English Sentence

This online eLearning course is an important course for everyone within a workplace, as one of the most common pitfalls within working environments is the inability of many employees to correctly form sentences. This comes from the lack of importance of spelling and grammar in social media – and within just a couple of hours, this course can bring you back up to scratch and performing professionally within your workplace.

The course uses a number of modules to help you achieve a number of objectives. Once you complete the course, you will have the necessary skills to understand and identify nouns, adjectives, pronounces, prepositions, conjunctions and verbs, so that you can create effective and useful reports and documents during work. You will also learn how to use adjectives with nouns and pronouns, and properly use adverbs with verbs and adjectives. You will learn to use pronouns properly with their plurals and make use of prepositions that can link nouns to other words.

The course is designed for nobody in particular, and can accommodate people who speak English natively or people who speak it as a second language. It’s an ideal course to top up your knowledge and refresh your memory since your O Level/GCSE days so that you can be as professional as possible whilst in the working environment.

This course is available online and can be accessed on the move, giving you the chance to learn in your own time. You’ll soon become as professional as you want or need to be in business, without any hassle and without difficulty. The course provides you with tests at the end, too, so that you can test your knowledge and pick up specific areas of study if you feel you still don’t remember everything correctly. Take a look today and you won’t regret it!


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Course Details

Course Details: ELearning
Length in Minutes    90 minutes
Language    English
Number of Modules    8
Qualification None
Course Prerequisites    None
Browser Compatibility    All Browsers
Android Compatible    2.2 and higher
iPad Compatible    Yes
iPhone Compatible    Yes
PC Compatible    Yes
Licence Period    6 Months

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