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The Appraisal Discussion Course

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Learn how to approach appraisals in an organised manner, and turn them into a positive experience.

The Appraisal Discussion

If you run a business that doesn’t currently offer regular appraisals for staff, it’s an understatement to say that you are missing out on the opportunity to improve productivity, as well as the service that’s provided to customers and clients. For some executives and HR consultants, a considerable worry with introducing appraisal discussions can be providing honest feedback and constructive criticism without hurting morale. In this 40-minute eLearning course, detailed advice on how to construct a session that is useful for both the employer and the employee is provided.

From asking the right questions to delivering feedback in a diplomatic and positive way, this course offers an excellent way for managers to successfully interact and engage with the staff they oversee. Not only can the techniques outlined for discussing progress on objectives, and creating realistic and beneficial objectives for the future, provide your colleagues and company with a clearer sense of direction, but the time to liaise with your team individually can also help you to pinpoint areas of operation that can be improved.

A comprehensive eLearning course that offers training that’s easy to translate into companies that operate in countless sectors, taking the time to learn about The Appraisal Discussion will help you to realise that an effective meeting involves organisation, planning and a series of structured stages.

Many theorists suggest that businesses need to be a part of the continuous improvement cycle to survive, and there’s always the old saying that ‘change is the enemy of complacency’. By creating a procedure that will allow your staff to know how they can improve their performance through this course, consistent growth and better motivation in your team can follow. The vast majority of staff in a business love to receive feedback on how they are doing, but the question is this: does your company have the facility to provide this at present? If not, make sure you invest in this course to keep your business sustainable


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