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Social Media Awareness Course

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Many people now use social media in their everyday lives. This e-learning course will make you aware of the pitfalls of using social media sites, and explain the importance of managing your privacy settings.

Social Media Awareness

How many times has the news that an employee has fallen foul of his or her employer through a social network faux pas made the headlines? And how many times have you thought, how can anyone be so stupid? Well, the truth is that many people who are not stupid have made the mistake of thinking that sharing their thoughts and opinions with their friends is no more compromising than chatting on the phone because they have not been aware that the privacy settings that will contain their thoughts are not in place.

This problem is becoming more and more prevalent as the number of social media sites is growing, and while they are the perfect places to catch up with friends, there are some risks.

Social Media Awareness is an eLearning course that has been designed to help employees understand these risks so that they can put in place the measures that are necessary to protect both themselves and the organisation that they work for – something that is especially important if that organisation deals with sensitive issues.

Upon completion of Social Media Awareness, learners will be able to understand the importance of managing the privacy settings on social media sites; be aware of the impact and consequences that their behaviour on social media sites can have; explain the different types of social media sites; and describe the importance of not entering into discussions about their employer’s products or services on social media sites.

This online learning course uses realistic scenarios so that learners can apply what they learn into their own context. The course looks at some of the dangers of the more obvious social media sites, for example, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as some of the lesser known sites, such as Ning.

It takes just 20 minutes to complete Social Media Awareness, which makes it perfect to use as training and development resource.


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Course Details: ELearning
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