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  • Business Courses

    Business Management Courses

    Are you looking to be an effective leader? Do you want to ensure that all your meetings are a success? Then we have the training courses that are perfect for you! Across a wide range of categories, you will be able to learn key skills for working in management to ensure that you perform to your best ability in the workplace.

    Amongst these categories, you’ll find budgeting and finances, communication skills, diversity and discrimination, management in general and personal development. You can also choose to learn about time management, business law, customer service, meetings, sales and more.

    One of the most important categories of course would be the diversity and discrimination category. Ever since the Equality Act of 2010, business have had to act even more responsibly than before to ensure that all workers are treated with respect and dignity.

    In the discrimination category, you’ll find a range of courses that look at avoiding and dealing with age discrimination, as well as disability discrimination, gender reassignment discrimination and much more. These courses can be rolled out across the company, providing all workers with the chance to improve their knowledge and awareness. These courses will reduce the risk of having to deal with lawsuits in the future, and will help you in ensuring that the company you manage is responsible and ethical.

    The teams and leadership courses are also particularly important. These courses look at how to manage a team and delegate effectively. The courses use videos, interactive games and general information resources to help you learn how to motivate and manage a team at the same time.

    All the categories are of course important, but you need to ensure you’re getting the exact courses that are needed in your business in order to remain ethical and responsible.

    • Customer Service
      • Caring for Your Customers
        Caring for your customers is a very important factor if you want them to come back to you. This course will show you how you can create and maintain good relationships with your customers.
      • Quality in Practice
        This course will help ensure that your Quality Action Plan will become invaluable for improving quality in your organisation.
      • Putting Customers First
        Learn why you must care for your customers. In today's business environment there's often little to choose between one organisation's products/services and another's.
      • Treating Customers Fairly
        Treating Customers Fairly refers to the FSA's regulations regarding the fair treatment of consumers. This Elearning course looks at what exactly TCF is, and the consequences for businesses not meeting the TCF Consumer Outcomes.
      • Complaints Management
        Learn the importance of dealing with complaints effectively and adhering to the FSA complaint handling guidelines with this online course.
    • HR Training
      • Selection Interviewing
        This online course supplies a comprehensive guide to developing your skills in selection interviewing no matter how your organisation goes about selecting staff.
      • Appraisal Interviewing
        Appraisals are key to all organisations. This eLearning course will give you a good foundation on how to deliver good appraisals.
      • An Overview of Performance Appraisal
        Are you responsible for Performance Appraisals? This course will help you gain a better understanding of the importance of appraisals and what they entail.
      • Job Analysis, Job Descriptions and Person Specifcations
        Learn how you can produce an accurate, detailed and effective job analysis, description and personal specification with this e-learning course.
      • Candidate References and Selection
        The Candidate References and Selection course will teach you how to seek and give references and conduct a thorough reference check.
      • The Recruitment Process. An Overview
        This online course will teach you how to prepare for , and conduct, a recruitment exercise.
      • Shortlisting Candidates and Interview Techniques
        This online course will teach you how to conduct a successful recruitment interview and identify high quality candidates.
      • Ongoing Appraisal
        This online course will teach you how to structure and carry out appraisals effectively.
      • The Appraisal Discussion
        Learn how to approach appraisals in an organised manner, and turn them into a positive experience.
      • Attracting Candidates and Producing Job Advertisements
        To identify the best possible candidates it is essential that you search in the right places. This course will give you valuable information on where to look and how to produce targeted adverts.
      • Preparing for the Appraisal
        This online course shows how you can prepare effectively for appraisals.
      • Flexible Working
        Is your organisation looking to implement flexible working or are you just looking for information. This eLearning course outlines various flexible working patterns along with the benefits of each one.
    • Personal Development
      • Decision Making
        It is important to make informed effective decisions in the workplace. The decision making course will help you make those decisions both at work and at home.
      • Making Objectives Happen
        This course presents a four step plan, the 'Make Objectives Happen Loop', that ensures sound objectives are set and followed through so that they actually happen.
      • Managing Yourself
        This online course presents a range of techniques for improving your performance at work - and they require no one else but YOU to make them work.
      • Negotiation Skills
        The online course course is designed to improve your skills in concluding successful negotiations.
      • Plan Your Own Development
        This online course will help you to identify and plan what you can do to develop your own skills, knowledge and abilities, in order to achieve what you want from life.
      • Problem Solving Essentials
        This online course will enable you to use a combination of analytical and creative skills to solve problems using a simple step-by-step process that can be used in any problem situation.
      • Setting Objectives
        The online course is designed to show you how to set effective objectives.
      • Problem Solving
        Learn how to analyse problems in order to find the root cause, and discover various problem solving techniques to help find a solution, with this e-learning course.
      • Decision Making Course
        Learn how to become more confident in your decisions with the Decision Making eLearning course.
      • Self Development
        This online course will teach you how you can constantly develop your own skills.
      • Creating SMARTER Objectives
        The Creating Smarter Objectives course will enable you to create SMARTER objectives and analyse existing objectives.
      • Your Personality Profile
        This online course is designed to help you look at your personality traits.
      • Your Confidence Profile
        Observe a range of personality traits with this online course.
      • Measure Your Self-Esteem
        Learn how you can improve your self-esteem with this online course.
    • Sales
      • An Introduction Into Negotiation
        Discover the principles of negotiation, and learn how to negotiate successfully with this online e-learning course.
      • Negotiation Strategies
        This online course will teach you how to conduct an effective negotiation by following a clear process and using proven tactics, and how to counter negative negotiation tactics.
      • Silent Selling - Using Body Language in Sales
        This online course is ideal for anyone who is keen to develop body language as part of their communication skill set.
    • Teams and Leadership
      • Developing Leadership
        The Developing Leadership course is based on Professor John Adairs work on Leadership and looks at the eight key leadership functions that you will have to follow, or manage, as a leader.
      • Do or Delegate
        The Do or Delegate course explores the barriers to effective delegation, the benefits from delegating more, what should be delegated and what shouldn't.
      • Performance Troubleshooting
        This course gives a systematic and highly effective approach to describing performance and analysing problems at work.
      • Team Building
        Team Building looks at what makes a team work, and the different roles and stages involved in developing a team. This e-learning course also explains your role as a team leader, and the differences between control and facilitation.
      • The Effective Leader
        This course will help make you a more effective leader - whether you're responsible for leading a project, a team, a unit, a department or even a company!
      • Understanding Leadership
        This online course based on Professor John Adair's work on leadership, will enable you to understand the three main approaches to leadership.
      • Leadership
        Discover your leadership style and learn what makes a good leader with the e-learning course 'Leadership'.
      • Working in Teams
        Discover the various roles within a team, and learn how you can become a better team member, with Working in Teams.
    • Time Management
      • Time Management
        Learn how you can improve your work/life balance through managing your time effectively. Time Management will give you useful tips to help you manage your time, and reduce your stress levels.
      • Planning Your Time
        This online course is designed to help you make more effective use of your time.
      • Dealing with Time-Wasting Situations
        Learn how to deal with interruptions and unnecessary strains on your time with the eLearning course "Dealing with Time Wasting Situations"
      • Time-Saving Tips and Technology
        This online course will teach you how to use technology to make more effective use of your time.
      • Time Management Essentials
        Time Management looks at the daily pressures on your time, and techniques to help you reduce these pressures. It also looks into the sources that may cause time based problems, and how to deal with these.
      • The Purpose and Goals of Time Management
        This online course will help you to discover ways to manage your time more effectively.
      • Organising Your Time
        This online course will help you to become more organised at work in order to free up time within the day.
      • The Complete Time Management
        If you can not manage your time correctly then you can become stressed and unproductive. The eLearning course The Complete Time Management will help you to plan your time better.
    • Communication Skills
      • Effective Writing
        "Effective Writing" gives you a range of practical techniques for writing effectively for every type of business document.
      • Punctuation
        Punctuation marks are important for the correct structure and organisation of sentences and paragraphs. This e-learning course looks at the different types of punctuation marks and how to use them correctly.
      • Giving Presentations
        The Giving Presentations course aims to improve the effectiveness of your presentations by concentrating on the issues of actually presenting. It also reminds you of the underlying issues of audience expectations and good preparation.
      • Persuading with numbers
        This course will help you handle the numerical information required for problem solving and decision making in the workplace.
      • Preparing Presentations
        Preparing Presentations is designed to help enable you to give successful presentations, from preparing and structuring, to using visual aids and preparing the room for your presentation.
      • Report Writing
        The ability to write effective reports is a very important work skill. This e-learning course looks at different report types and explains how to successfully plan, structure, prepare and revise a report.
      • Working with Numbers
        Working With Numbers is ideal for anyone wanting to build their confidence or refresh on their maths skills. Subjects covered include addition, subtraction, rounding, decimal points, multiplication, division and percentages.
      • The English Sentence
        The English Sentence will help to make everyday written communication more purposeful, correct and efficient. It looks at constructing sentences, and how to use verbs, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, prepositions and adjectives correctly.
      • Spelling
        Spelling will help you to learn the correct spelling of commonly mis-spelt words,and explain the importance of correct spelling, especially in a business setting.
      • Effective Business Writing
        If you have difficulties putting ideas onto paper, or on a report that needs to be done, the Best Practice for Effective Business Writing course is perfect. This course contains pointers and advice for everyone.
      • Communication Essentials
        This online elearning course will teach you how to communicate effectively.
      • Networking
        This online elearning course will teach you how to network effectively in all situations.
      • Questioning Skills
        This online course is designed to teach you the valuable skills of questioning.
      • Presentations
        This online course is designed to help you ensure that you are properly prepared to make presentations that really achieve their objectives, and to teach you how to deliver them professionally.
      • Listening Skills
        Listening Skills will teach you the importance of good listening, the problems that can arise from poor listening , and how you can improve your own listening skills.
      • A Background to Body Language
        The Background to Body Language Course will give you an overview of posture, gesture and proxemics. A must if you are looking to understand a person without them saying anything.
      • Silent Speech, Understanding Body Language
        This online course will teach you how to identify feelings and attitudes of others.
      • Using Body Language in the Workplace
        This online assessment course will help you assess the degree to which you are able to use body language to improve your performance in interviews, meetings and presentations.
    • Stress Management
    • Budget and Finance
      • Budgeting Basics
        The Budgeting Basics course covers the basic principles of budgeting helping anyone that has little to no previous experience with budgeting.
      • Managing Your Budget
        Managing Your Budget will help you to develop the skills and knowledge to effectively prepare and manage your budget. It also looks at the five stages involved in the budget management process.
      • Preparing Your Budget
        This online course provides a structured approach for managing your budget.
      • Understanding Balance Sheets
        This online Elearning course introduces some basic financial principle and will help you to understand your own role in your company's financial well-being.
      • Understanding Profit and Loss
        This online course will help you understand how profit is generated and measured, and how individual managers contribute to profit.
    • Meetings
      • Meeting Behaviour and Dealing with Problem Characters
        This online course will teach you how to recognise and deal effectively with different types of meeting participants.
      • Managing Meetings
        Learn how you can make sure that your meetings are productive, successful and run efficiently with Managing Meetings.
      • Meeting Planning and Preparation
        This online course will teach you how to plan and prepare effectively for meetings.
      • Conducting Effective Meetings
        It is difficult to effectively manage meetings. The Conducting Effective Meetings course tells you how to chair a meeting and so much more.
      • Virtual Meetings
        This e-learning course explains the various types of virtual meetings,and how you can extract maximum efficiency from these meetings.
      • Introduction to Meetings and Meeting Types
        Introduction to Meetings and Meeting Types is an eLearning course that will teach you what makes a meeting effective, and how you can ensure that the meetings your organise are productive.
    • Training and Facilitation Skills
      • Coaching Skills
        The Coaching Skills eLearning course shows how to assess a Learner's needs, draw up a learning plan, assess competence and review progress.
      • Facilitation Skills
        This Facilitation Skills course explores a powerful approach to team development - facilitation - and the skills needed to make it work.
      • Mentoring Skills
        This online course will teach you how to ensure that mentoring
      • One to One Training
        This online course course is designed to enable you to train groups of people successfully.
      • Training for Non Trainers
        Learn how Non Trainers can train successfully with this online Elearning course.
      • Coaching
        Good coaching is essential if you want to get the best out of the people you work with. The Coaching course is packed full of tips and skills that you can use.
    • Diversity and Discrimination
    • Management
      • Project Management
        This online course covers the essential steps in managing projects to achieve success.
      • The Assertive Manager
        The course will help you build more productive relationships at work - ones where everyone is committed to achieving their objectives.
      • Creativity
        Learn how to bring out the creativity in your staff with this online course.
      • Difficult Conversations
        There will be times when you will encouter difficult conversations. This course should help you improve your skills and help you manage the most difficult of conversations.
      • An Introduction to Persuading and Influencing
        Persuading and Influencing are important skills to have in many jobs, from sales to Customer Service. This course teaches you the essential skills required to effectively persuade and influence.
      • Delegation
        Delegation can both promote teamwork and help with time management. Done correctly delegation can be nothing but positive. Learn positive delegation with this eLearning course.
      • The Role of the Coach
        Learn about the critical role the coach plays in the coaching process and how to coach effectively, with this online course.
      • SMARTER Objectives for Managers
        This online course will teach you what is meant by SMARTER objectives and how to create objectives that meet them.
      • The Persuasion Process
        This online course is designed to help you understand the persuasion process and improve your powers of persuasion.
    • Business Law
      • Information Assurance
        Information Assurance highlights the importance of keeping personal and sensitive data safe within an organisation in order to comply with the Data Protection Act. It also covers your responsibility as an individual, and the consequences for organisatio
      • Bribery Act 2010
        The UK has the most stringent anti-bribery legislation in the world today. This online E-Learning course will ensure that employees understand and comply with this important piece of legislation.
      • Data Protection
        If your company is privy to sensitive and personal information then this course is essential. The Data Protection course covers all aspects of the act.
      • The Bribery Act 2010
        This e-learning course takes a look at the Bribery Act 2010 and explains exactly what constitutes as bribery, and the penalties risked by individuals and organisations should they be found guilty of bribery.
      • An Overview of the Data Protection Act 1998
        If you work with personal or sensitive information then it is essential that you have at least an overview of the Data Potection Act. This course gives you that and a bit more.
      • Freedom of Information Act 2000
        This online course is designed to enable you to understand the background of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, and the purpose and aims of the act.
      • Anti-Money Laundering Course
        Do you know what money laundering is? Do you know the warning signs? The Anti-Money Laundering course will tell you exactly what it is and the signs to look out for.
      • Information Security
        Are your customers and staff confident that their sensitive information will be handled and protected appropriately? Keeping information secure can be simple if you have the knowhow. This course offers you all the tools needed to keep information safe.
      • The Data Protection Act
        The Data Protection Act controls how personal data is used by organisations, businesses or the government. Everyone who is responsible for using data has to follow strict rules called data protection principles.
      • The Freedom of Information Act
        The Freedom of Information Act was put in place to allow the public a right of access to information held about public authorities. This e-learning course explains the ins and outs of the Act, and how it relates to you.
      • Fraud Awareness
        Learn about the warning signs of fraud, and how you can effectively prevent fraud with this online course.
      • Freedom of Information in Scotland
        All details of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 are described in this easy to use eLearning course.
      • Information Governance
        Information governance deals with all personal information held in the workplace. This eCourse will help you deal with and handle this information.
    • Marketing and Social Media
      • Social Media Awareness
        Many people now use social media in their everyday lives. This e-learning course will make you aware of the pitfalls of using social media sites, and explain the importance of managing your privacy settings.
  • IT Courses

    IT Courses

    There’s obviously a big problem if a business isn’t using computers these days! IT courses are really important in pretty much every industry, so that all employees have a general understanding of computer systems. Employees, in all roles, will no doubt use computers during their daily work and hence, it’s important for them to be able to understand different areas of computers.

    You’ll find a number of courses online, relating to IT. Simply get online and take a look – you’ll quickly find a range of courses that differ in length, detail and context. You’ll find technical courses, desktop program courses, using the Internet, computer training, Microsoft Office training courses and web designing courses.

    Let’s take the Microsoft Office online learning course for example. This kind of online learning course proves that understanding computers and software is really important in a business. Microsoft Word, and indeed Microsoft Office as a whole, are both used by nearly all business out there. Any company that has to produce documents will more than likely use Microsoft Office, as it is universally accepted as the best piece of office software available for Windows and Mac computers. This Microsoft software is really important in modern business and even in personal use, so a Microsoft Office online IT course is a universal eLearning course that could benefit a range of people.

    The Office courses that are available generally tend to be ‘upgrade’ courses, allowing users to get to grips with the newer versions of Microsoft Office that make use of a new ‘ribbon’ format.

    • Microsoft Office
      • Excel 2010 for Beginners
        If you have just started with Excel 2010 and you need to know how to use it then the Excel 2010 for beginners course is perfect.
      • Excel 2010 Intermediate
        This online Elearning course aims to teach you necessary skills in intermediate level Excel 2010.
      • Outlook 2010 for Beginners
        This Outlook 2010 course for Beginners shows you all the skills needed to be able to use Microsoft Outlook 2010.
      • Outlook 2010 Intermediate
        This Intermediate Outlook 2010 gives you further skills needed to be able to effectively use Microsoft Outlook 2010.
      • Powerpoint 2010 for Beginners
        This Powerpoint 2010 course for beginners shows you all the skills needed to be able to use Microsoft Powerpoint 2010.
      • Powerpoint 2010 Intermediate
        This Intermediate Powerpoint 2010 course gives you further skills needed to be able to effectively use Microsoft Powerpoint 2010.
      • Word 2010 for Beginners
        This Word 2010 course for Beginners shows you many skills needed to use Microsoft Word 2010.
      • Word 2010 Intermediate
        This Intermediate Microsoft Word 2010 course gives you further skills needed to be able to effectively use Microsoft Word 2010.
      • Office 2007 (videos)
        Learn everything you need to know about Microsoft Office 2007 with these online videos.
      • Office 2003 (videos)
        Learn everything you need to know about Microsoft Office 2003 with these online videos.
  • Health and Safety

    Health and Safety

    Health and Safety is an issue in every workplace out there. With new legislation, it’s important for companies to ensure that they are sticking to the rules and providing a consistently safe place of work. In order to be able to offer this, health and safety officers are required – meaning that staff within a company need to be trained to deal with health and safety issues.

    These days, the quickest and easiest way to obtain the information you need to know to be a health and safety officer is to take an online learning course. With an eLearning course, you’ll be given the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics. For instance, there are courses out there which look at working at heights, trips and falls, noise awareness, fire safety, lone working, electrical safety and display screen equipment.

    There are also online learning courses that look at environmental issues, legionella, workplace safety and driving safely.

    Let’s take fire safety as an example. This is a common health and safety issue that is generally dealt with by selected staff in a workplace. Now instead of hiring a professional to come into the workplace and talk about the issue for hours, you could install choose one of the fire safety procedure courses available online. These eLearning courses can be made available to the whole workplace if you so wish, too, using your company-wide Intranet. This means that everybody will be able to learn what they need to know in whatever time they have free. Not only are these kinds of courses ideal for reducing costs, but they also reduce the amount of time that workers spend learning.

  • Construction/Engineering

    Construction and Engineering Courses

    Of course, in order to be a trained professional who can legally provide services in relation to electronics, engineering and construction, it’s important to have your qualifications. Many people these days are turning to the Internet for help, and you could be one of them. You’ll now find a range of online learning courses that can offer you electrical training, construction training and engineering training - putting you on the path towards becoming a trained electrician.

    Online, you will find a wide range of courses – from extensive learning courses to bitesize courses. These eLearning series will provide you with all the help and resources you need to succeed, but all will provide different information and different levels of detail. Obviously, when it comes to construction, engineering and electrical practices, you’re going to need to experience concepts in real life, too. So of course, your learning won’t be just online.

    For instance, you’ll find online an electrical training course. This course gets you ready for training and is used primarily for addressing amendments to law and regulations. You will be expected to already have some understanding of the area. This online course will give an outline of all recent changes so that you can ensure your study is staying on the right lines.

    Whilst learning online is really important in construction these days, you cannot expect to become fully qualified after only having done your studying online.

    In courses like this, you will be given a lesson plan, and for the time you have the license for, you will be able to dip in and out of studying whenever you like. In this instance, the course is roughly three hours in duration. You’re also given an hour of assessment questions, which is commonplace in online learning courses. These questions will allow you to test your knowledge and see if you have really taken in what you have been learning.

  • Medical and Care

    Medical and Care Courses

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