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Silent Selling - Using Body Language in Sales Course

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This online course is ideal for anyone who is keen to develop body language as part of their communication skill set.

Silent Selling - Using Body Language in Sales

If you are in sales, then you will need every strategy you can use in the increasingly difficult world of marketing – and body language is a powerful one that is not exploited as much as it should be.

The purpose of Silent Selling – Using Body Language in Sales is to allow you to judge how much you have learned the content of the previous body language online learning courses in the series – A Background to Body Language and Silent Speech – Understanding Body Language; as well as to be a guide to using body language in the work place.

Silent Selling – Using Body Language in Sales is an eLearning course that will help you to develop your body language so that is an effective part of your communication. Once you have completed the online learning course, you will be able to assess just how much you currently use body language, and how much you can interpret it, with the idea that once you are aware, you will be able to improve this line of communication and so perform better.

Because this online elearning course has been especially designed to determine just how much each individual has learned from the previous courses, the content runs along the lines of a performance review. You will be put in the role of a manager asked to assess an interviewee.

You will need to interpret the body language of the interviewee, and take action that you feel is appropriate under the circumstances, as well as outline the body language that you feel should be used by the interviewer.

Silent Selling - Using Body Language in Sales will take just 30 minutes to complete and the licence is valid for six months from the date of purchase. You can access it from your PC using any browser.


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Course Details: ELearning
Length in Minutes    30 minutes
Language    English
Number of Modules    1
Qualification None
Course Prerequisites    None
Browser Compatibility    All Browsers
Android Compatible    2.2 and higher
iPad Compatible    No
iPhone Compatible    No
PC Compatible    Yes
Licence Period    6 Months

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