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Shortlisting Candidates and Interview Techniques Course

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This online course will teach you how to conduct a successful recruitment interview and identify high quality candidates.

Shortlisting Candidates and Interview Techniques

In the current economic climate, creating employment opportunities can result in considerable interest. Although the dozens of CVs that will be flying into your ‘in’ tray can give you the freedom of choice, one major hurdle that many businesses face is having the knowhow to make the right decisions.

When you last had a vacancy open, can you say with confidence that you chose the right candidate? The process of shortlisting and whittling down potential suitors for a job position can be difficult, and this course will give line managers and HR teams the chance to learn how effective procedures for selecting interviewees can be implemented.

Over the duration of the 45-minute course, other essential techniques are covered, including how creating a customised job application form allows you to find out more information about candidates prior to shortlisting. In addition, modules will show how initial rounds of interviewing and assessing interested candidates can enable recruiters in any business to make an informed decision. When faced with a short period of time to get an objective and detailed impression of a person who is looking to join your team, discovering the best ways to ask questions and gauge a candidate’s experiences and abilities all within the timeslot you are allocated will give you the confidence needed to extend a job offer with conviction.

Spending your lunchtime or a short portion of your afternoon completing this course can prevent hours of time agonising over the best way to kick start the recruitment process. What’s more, with a six-month licence, this eLearning resource can also be regularly referred to by members of your team as the company develops the skills needed to build a competent and well-qualified workforce.

Find out where you’re going wrong and what could be improved in your current HR protocol: purchase this excellent eLearning resource today.


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Licence Period    6 Months

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