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Preventing Bullying in the Workplace Course

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Preventing Bullying in the Workplace explains the different forms of bullying, and the effects bullying can have on a person. It also looks at the steps that can be taken to prevent bullying.

Preventing Bullying in the Workplace

Are you worried that the relationships between the colleagues in your business are less than perfect? Perhaps you want your employees to know that you are supportive in any issues they may be having with them, and wish for them to be aware of what to do if they are being bullied? Or maybe you’re concerned about the way you are being treated, and want some advice on what constitutes as harassment, and where you should turn.

Preventing Bullying in the Workplace is the perfect online eLearning course for you should you be having these disruptions. Accounting for 30 to 50% of stress and stress-related illnesses in places of work, bullying is a major and common event that costs businesses around ÂŁ2 billion in lost revenue every year.

This eLearning course focuses on what classes as bullying, as well as what bullying actually is. Legal factors are also discussed, allowing you to know what the law can do to help you, in addition to organisational factors should you wish to try and solve your problem in a low-key manner with the help of other colleagues and managers.

The Preventing Bullying in the Workplace programme outlines the results of bullying, and gives a general, yet truthful, idea of the affects that it can have, on both the institution and the individual.

It is commonly accepted that one of the easiest ways of solving a problem is by raising people’s awareness of it, and this is exactly what this course aims to do. When incorporated as part of a company’s anti-bullying strategy, Preventing Bullying in the Workplace can really strengthen both employees’ consciousness of the situation, as well as their confidence in their workplace to solve such a major issue.

Taking just 30 minutes in all, this learning programme is a short course that will really help your corporation to tackle one of the biggest problems in the workplace.


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