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Preparing Presentations Course

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Preparing Presentations is designed to help enable you to give successful presentations, from preparing and structuring, to using visual aids and preparing the room for your presentation.

Preparing Presentations

The preparing presentations online course is a simple two hour course that is capable of teaching any kind of worker how to effectively prepare a presentation in order to negotiate and persuade. It’s also capable of teaching individuals how to effectively put their ideas across in order for their presentation to be a success.

At the end of the course, you will have grasped a range of new concepts and should be able to clarify purposes behind presentations and make these purposes relevant to the needs of the audience. You will also learn to organise background administrative tasks, arrange material and prepare an outline structure. Furthermore, the course will help you to develop detailed structure and support and to create a design and utilise a number of different visual aids throughout the process.

The course also assists in preparing yourself for the presentation – ie, becoming confident and believing in yourself. Many people become concerned about public speaking, and this course can also aid with that. You’ll even be given resources relating to how you should organise the room that you are talking in.

The course will take you through five different steps in order to fully prepare you. First of all, you will be taken through the basics of preparing presentations. You’ll then look at preparing your subject and using visual aids to help people understand what you’re talking about – particularly when it comes to figures. You will also be taken through the final preparation stages to ensure that everything is in order for you to give a great speech.

Finally, you can take some quick tests to ensure that you have remembered and understood everything. The tests include quick ‘check my understanding’ tests and some full tests that will test you on everything you’ve been taught. This is one of the best ways to learn about presenting skills and quickly getting used to performing well at these tasks each time.


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