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Preparing for the Appraisal Course

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This online course shows how you can prepare effectively for appraisals.

Preparing for the Appraisal

Are you worrying about your appraisal at work? Are you unaware of what it entails or do you feel completely unprepared? Or perhaps you’re looking to acquire the valuable skill of evaluating your staff? Either way, Preparing for the Appraisal is the perfect course for you!

Making sure that you are ready for your appraisal at work can be daunting, especially when so much can depend upon its outcome. Preparing for the Appraisal is an online course that concentrates on preparation for this important process, whether you are the appraiser or the appraisee, as well as looking at how to self-assess your own performance at work.

Taking just 25 minutes to complete, this is a short course that enables everyone involved to gain the most that they can out of an appraisal. Learning to accept constructive criticism of your work can be difficult, as can taking praise in some instances, but the Preparing for the Appraisal eLearning course is focused on assisting you on gaining both of these important skills.

The course will also look at how to increase motivation, as well as help to enhance understanding of colleagues in order to gain achievement in the workplace for everyone involved.

This course is available on all browsers, making it highly accessible to everyone, no matter what your computer setting preferences. If you have Android 2.2 or higher, then you can also retrieve the contents of the course on your smartphone, allowing you to read all of the course’s information whilst on the go, a brilliant feature for those who never seem to stop moving!

No previous qualifications are needed for you to be able to take part in the Preparing for the Appraisal eLearning resource, which is great for those who are just starting out on the road to perfecting their approach to appraisals.


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Course Details: ELearning
Length in Minutes    25 minutes
Language    English
Number of Modules    1
Qualification None
Course Prerequisites    None
Browser Compatibility    All Browsers
Android Compatible    2.2 and higher
iPad Compatible    No
iPhone Compatible    No
PC Compatible    Yes
Licence Period    6 Months

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