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Organising Your Time Course

Organising Your Time
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This online course will help you to become more organised at work in order to free up time within the day.

Organising Your Time

Sick and tired of the clutter that’s clouding your desk? Do you find yourself so bogged down in the papers on your desk that it’s difficult to concentrate? If so, this online eLearning course, Organising Your Time, will demonstrate how becoming that little bit more organised when completing tasks can free up valuable time in the business day for focusing on other projects.

In just 45 minutes, you’ll be shown how to implement straightforward techniques that can have a huge impact on your mindset in the office. When you’re desk looks like an explosion has gone off in a stationery office, the module on clearing your workspace will ensure that everything can be found easily, and that you won’t have any visual distractions to take you away from what you’re working on. Find yourself regularly frustrated that you can’t ever seem to find a pen? If so, the helpful advice in this eLearning programme will go a long way!

Next up, the course looks at how to create a basic, yet thorough filing system for all of the papers that can land on your desk in the course of a typical working day. It’s annoying when really important documents go amiss, and that’s why allocating a space where you can store papers tidily can reduce stress and improve your organisational skills. At first, it might not be easy to wade through all of those loose pages, but setting time aside for this task will undoubtedly pay off when a colleague comes looking for something!

This online eLearning course will also look at communication. When it comes to interacting with colleagues and clients, there’s always those days when the phone is ringing off the hook, and important assignments don’t get given the attention they deserve. By changing the way that you slot in time to make calls and respond to emails in this course, you’ll be able to give your contacts the detailed and thorough responses they deserve, instead of hurried replies which result in the need for further clarification shortly afterwards.

Organising Your Time has never been more important, especially in a digital world where our communication is immediate and in real time. If you’ve been feeling stressed in the office recently, discover how this online eLearning course can put you back in the driver’s seat when you’re at work.

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