The University of Buckingham has unveiled the UK’s first undergraduate medical degree from a private University.

However, the cost of this degree is set to be a whopping £32,000 per year in tuition fees even more than it costs to attend the prestigious American University, Harvard, for a similar programme. Students will study for four and a half years and will achieve an MBChB qualification which is estimated to cost £144,000 in total.

The course has not yet been approved by the General Medical Council but is expected to begin in January 2015.

Nevertheless, looking at the fee charges expected to be implemented for this course, it stands in stark contrast to the current medical qualification fees which are usually around £9,000 per year; this new course is set to be three times this cost. However, the University have said that the course is aiming at global markets, which suggests that Buckingham is looking for international students with this course.

The President of the NUS, Liam Burns has said that the University has designed this degree to appeal to the rich and those with the means to afford such a sum, whilst ensuring average income students are removed from accessibility to the course.

Students on current medical degree programmes usually complete a two year foundation training post once their degree training is completed. However, the Buckingham course has no such graduation placements organised as yet. The University said they have contacted the Foundation Programme about this.

However, with nothing yet in place, is this course feasible for the money being charged? 

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