A US study looking into nurses has found that those nurses who are overworked are at greater risk of putting patients at risk.

Overworked was classified by looking at patient-nurse ratio, the occurrence of common hospital infection and nurses feelings of burnout.

The study begs the question of levels of nurse staffing on patient care. However, as this study was carried out in the US and not the UK, and as it was a very small section analysis, their findings cannot be claimed as absolutely accurate.

This means that we cannot claim that patient care is affected by overworked nurses because of the findings of this study. However, there have been other claims made from UK nurses themselves that staffing levels and patient care are linked. There have been reports which state that low staff levels result in poor patient care.

In fact, some people are now calling for a standard nurse-patient ratio to be put into force to help combat the low staff levels in nurse care.

If such a system is brought in, this may indeed help with overworked and under staffed hospitals and may ease the situation for patients.

In the meantime, the more people trained in care and nursing, the better opportunities there are for these levels to decrease and patient care to improve. 

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