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Lone Working Course

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This Lone Working Elearning course will teach you about the risks commonly faced by lone workers, and how you can look after your own safety.

Lone Working

Whilst there are benefits to working alone, there are also risks that are completely exclusive to this state. These include accidental injury and having no immediate help, to the risk of having to cope with violence or aggression from those you come into contact with during your working day.

Lone Working is an online course that examines the five key lone working occupational groups. This enables learners to be able to recognise the occupations within each group – including their own or a similar one. From there, the learner will be able to identify the risks that are associated with that occupation to their personal safety, and whose responsibility it is to make sure that these are removed or minimised.

Although this eCourse has only one module, it covers many different areas so that learners have a fully comprehensive overview of the subject. These areas are broken into two; the first is Lone Worker Types and Typical Risks and looks at five different categories of lone workers, their typical occupations and the risks to their personal safety. These include: those who work in other people’s homes or premises; lone workers in retail outlets; isolated lone workers; those who work in hazardous off-site environments; and transport workers and lone drivers.

The second area is Lone Workers – Hazards and Risks, and examines the definition of the term, ‘Lone Worker’; types of lone worker; why you should be concerned; keeping safe – your responsibilities; keeping safe – employers’ responsibilities; risk assessment; and risk control.

It only takes 30 minutes to complete the eLearning course, Lone Working, and the licence for it is valid for six months. Both of these factors make the course perfect for fitting into a training and development schedule for all of your staff whose occupations necessitates them working alone.


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Course Details: ELearning
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Licence Period    6 Months

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