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Listening Skills Course

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Listening Skills will teach you the importance of good listening, the problems that can arise from poor listening , and how you can improve your own listening skills.

Listening Skills

This online eLearning course is aimed at providing professionals with the ability to effectively listen to co-workers and implement new ideas, providing the chance to work more efficiently with peers. The course is only 55 minutes long, and provides a complete range of information and resources to help anyone that is keen to develop the listening element of their communication skills. The course is generally split into three parts, with three important topics covered in less than an hour.

The first part looks and verbal and non-verbal attending behaviours, which are able to demonstrate active and proper listening, and the encouragement of true communication. The course then moves onto self-discipline in listening and how you can achieve between results. Finally, you’ll look at how to observe the speaker properly in order to better interpret the meaning of the content.

By the end of the course, you should be able to bring about positive outcomes from discussions, conversations and interviews by listening and observing what is being presented to you more effectively. You should also be able to make objective judgements about the kind of thing being said, thanks to the ‘listen beyond’ topic within the course that helps you understand the verbal message.

You’ll also be able to learn how to recognise why other people may have listened to a speaker ineffectively, and then take appropriate steps to assists others in fixing that particular situation.

You will soon become more motivated to discovering how to become an effective listener and develop various skills and behaviours to help you keep it up. You will look, in the course, at the different behaviours you can make use of to become a truly efficient speaker.


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