A workplace injury can be terrible for both the injured party and their employers, with everybody suffering from what is usually an avoidable incident. Whilst there is no excuse for laxness in health and safety standards, the responsibility for assessing potential hazards rests on the shoulders of everyone in the workplace. To make the working environment safer for all those who use it, manual handling training is an ideal way to keep everybody safe and help to prevent the kinds of injuries which can ruin careers and cause businesses to close.

Anyone who regularly lifts or carries any heavy items as a part of their job should have some training to ensure that they keep themselves safe. Even if it is not a major part of their role, a person who may be asked to move equipment, carry items or even just engage in the occasional move from one desk to another should be made aware of the best way to lift and carry to be safe. In fact, the more infrequent the requirement for someone to undertake this kind of task, the more likely they are to injure themselves as they will not be used to it, making manual handling training even more important and useful.

The kinds of accident which can happen when you are lifting, carrying or moving equipment incorrectly can inflict lifelong damage and injuries to areas such as the back and spine and often have knock-on effects throughout the rest of the body, placing extra strain on the legs and even damaging the joints. Anyone who has incurred a muscular or joint injury will know that the pain can be excruciating and have long-term ramifications. It may mean that the injured person can never return to the role they had before their accident. An understanding of best practice surrounding manual handling can help to avoid incidents and make the whole workplace safer.

For businesses, an accident in the workplace can have incredibly negative implications, not least because a member of the workforce is injured, which is a difficult thing for colleagues and managers alike to deal with. There is also the potential for insurance premiums to increase if payments need to be made to the injured party. In some industries, the damage an accident can do to a company's reputation can cripple the business. Ensuring that every employee has appropriate manual handling training can help to protect everyone and make the workplace a happier and healthier place.

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