Recent figures revealed that 80% of people use their personal devices all the time and 70% of this use is through apps.

Mobile and portable devices are being used more and more for convenience, to check email, view documents and carry out research.

However, there are also big changes in the way people learn and gain information as the industry now moves towards ‘short-form learning’.

Many new employees coming into the workplace are extremely mobile device savvy and understand the importance of these devices in the workplace.

80% of those surveyed said they would find mobile learning useful to their work environment, a figure that highlights how mobile and device learning can be a solution to training issues for both employers and employees.

Not only this, but this type of learning also allows the possibility of learning-on-demand, where information and learning is undertaken and shared in small bite-size chunks at times when that particular information is most required. This combined with the possibility for using visual technology such as video and podcasting, makes modern online learning interactive and exciting.

The approach of ensuring that information is readily accessible to workers when they need it will also improve productivity, as applications and information can be pre-loaded onto personal devices to ensure that anything needed is readily available when required, with minimal effort to discover relevant information.

The benefit of such a system mean that productivity can be improved, rather than disrupted, by learning and workers will be better placed to fulfil their roles as knowledge will have increased in ways that help their employers.

Companies will find that using device and online learning will greatly reduce training overheads and ensure that staff can be trained much quicker, easier and more cheaply than traditional training. This in turn means that more staff can be trained and provided with necessary information quickly.

The other important thing is that companies are much more able to keep track of employees’ progress with online and mobile learning systems and can easily look at a number of progress and achievement records simultaneously.

As technology evolves and new things are launched, this market is one which is sure to increase and improve with many more interactive and useful ways of incorporating learning and working to increase productivity with minimal disruption to the working day being developed.

This opens up the possibility for a whole host of different applications for mobile and device learning from course booking to uploading content. It has endless possibilities for the future. 

Written by Sara Thomson

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