If you have ever had a long commute on public transport, you will probably have discovered that it is time that few people spend productively. Reading the newspaper, listening to music or even catching up on a little extra sleep can all help to pass the time. Most people will have a tale of someone who spends their commute in an interesting way, such as applying full make-up or making loud and personal phone calls. But if you really want to make the most of what could otherwise be wasted time, then why not consider taking some training courses and using that time to get ahead in either your professional or personal life? Whether you want to study a subject so that you can improve your success in your existing career or learn new skills so that you can change career, there are plenty of elearning courses available. You can learn on the go, whenever and wherever suits you best.

You may have a laptop that you use regularly on the train anyway, or a tablet which is so portable you take it everywhere. This means that you can access your course material in any place you can get online. This could mean that you never spend another journey staring out of the window and thinking about what you'll do when you get home. You could be expanding your mind, improving your career prospects or even learning something that you take you down a whole new professional path and doing it in time that you would have otherwise just wasted.

And, of course, it isn't just the time you actually spend travelling that can be boring and unproductive – unless you are incredibly lucky, you will have encountered delays and difficulties when travelling by train. Whether the train is late or you are, you can end up hanging about for hours waiting for your connection and if you have nothing to do then it can be and infuriating experience. An elearning course may not be able to stop you from being annoyed, but it could help you to use the time in a productive way. Some good will come out of the situation and help you to achieve your goals in even less time. Whether you travel by train, bus, tube, tram or even ferry, using your commute to help you get ahead could make it the most rewarding part of your day.

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