Apart from those people who cannot get dressed in the morning without ticking it off their to-do lists, most of us feel really disorganised at times. Forgetting to pay a bill, overlooking an important email or always leaving it too late to phone the bank are all common irritants which don't normally create a huge problem in your personal life. However, this kind of oversight in the context of a work project can be a huge issue and can affect not just your ability to fulfil your role, but the work of others in the team or company as well.

Project management training can teach you the kind of organisational skills which are applicable in every area of your life. You may not need a spreadsheet to organise your home life, but the principles of running a project smoothly apply no matter what the task in hand is. Effective planning can make the difference between paying bills in advance and paying them late and being hit by penalties. In business, your planning process will make the difference between completing a project on time and overrunning, coming in within the allotted budget or overspending and even between success and failure of the whole venture. It is important to know how to anticipate potential problems and factor them into the processes you put in place, to identify risks and form strategies to avoid them and to manage the resources available to you to maximum effect.

Whilst project management training is ideal to help focus your organisational skills, there are plenty of other useful skills which are important for anyone who wants a job in project management. One of these is the ability to communicate effectively – unless you are completing the whole project by yourself, you will need to deal with other people at some point and the clarity with which you pass on information will be a major factor in whether tasks are completed correctly. Even the most fool-proof plan can only be effective when everyone involved understands and follows it, so when sharing information or giving instructions it is absolutely vital that you are able to communicate effectively. This is also true of any project in which you are involved, from buying a new car for your family to developing a new product line, making project management training an incredibly valuable thing to have in every aspect of your life.

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