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If your job seems humdrum and every day seems the same, then perhaps you could benefit from a new perspective on what you do. It may be that you feel as though it's unlikely that there will be any changes to the way you work, or that you have reached a point beyond which your skills will not allow you to progress any further. Whatever annoys or bothers you about your current role, there are plenty of ways that you can change how you approach your job. Taking one of the many training courses available could be the way to do it.

You might find that if you improved your skills, you would be able to complete your existing tasks in a more efficient manner, allowing you to take on more responsibilities and make your role more interesting. Perhaps you could progress to another level within the company you work for if you have the skills which would qualify you for a promotion. A training course could just give you a new perspective on your role and help you to see the importance of what you do and revitalise your interest in it.

You may feel as though you have something in your life which deserves a little more attention — perhaps a hobby which you would like to turn into a job or an interest which you could turn into a career. There are many reasons for learning more about any particular topic that takes your fancy and it doesn't always have to include a huge time commitment. If you aren't sure whether a particular career is suitable for you or not, or want to try out something new, then there are training courses which could help you to get a deeper understanding of a topic. They could also help you to make a decision that could be life-changing.

Whatever your interests and however you see your career progressing, there is a way to make it happen for you, so it is always worth considering whether a training course could help you to achieve your goals. You may just find that the subject you thought would make a great career doesn't actually inspire you as much as you thought when you come to study it a little more deeply. So there are plenty of ways in which you could learn something from taking the opportunity to study.


Anyone who has started a business will know that there is always an element of risk whenever you begin a new venture. Whether it's investing money in stock, investing time in creating a website or just committing yourself to keeping focussed on your long-term goals, you will need to take a leap of faith at some point. Choosing to do this involves a lot of research, plenty of dedication and also a desire to learn about the things that will be important to the success of your business.

Whether you are planning on starting at your kitchen table and working in the evenings and at weekends or you're plunging straight in with premises and a fully functioning business, knowing as much as you can about the landscape in which you will be competing is a distinct advantage. Doing your research can involve pursuing a number of different routes, depending on the field in which you are planning to work, so devoting a little time to the process is a must. The internet is a great resource for information about almost any subject, including how to manage stock, deal with suppliers, organise your database and any other things you need to know about how to maximise your efforts.

You might benefit from embarking on fact-finding missions to competitors' places of business to see how they are doing things, learn where the gaps in the market are and get a feel for how a successful business runs. You might also find that a good training course could be the secret to your success, especially if you have a specific area in which you lack experience or knowledge, such as IT skills or a foreign language. There might also be areas of expertise which you have never needed before, such as leadership skills if you are expecting to have a workforce which you will be overseeing. Perhaps you will need to sell your ideas to investors, purchasing managers or just individual clients — in which case your presentation skills could come under the spotlight.

No matter how well you prepare, starting a new business will always be a daunting prospect and knowledge is definitely power when it comes to arming yourself with the tools you need to make a success of your project. Whatever you feel you need to know, you can find a training course to help you to tackle any challenge and a little investment in your personal skills will pay dividends later on.


Recent figures revealed that 80% of people use their personal devices all the time and 70% of this use is through apps.

Mobile and portable devices are being used more and more for convenience, to check email, view documents and carry out research.

However, there are also big changes in the way people learn and gain information as the industry now moves towards ‘short-form learning’.

Many new employees coming into the workplace are extremely mobile device savvy and understand the importance of these devices in the workplace.

80% of those surveyed said they would find mobile learning useful to their work environment, a figure that highlights how mobile and device learning can be a solution to training issues for both employers and employees.

Not only this, but this type of learning also allows the possibility of learning-on-demand, where information and learning is undertaken and shared in small bite-size chunks at times when that particular information is most required. This combined with the possibility for using visual technology such as video and podcasting, makes modern online learning interactive and exciting.

The approach of ensuring that information is readily accessible to workers when they need it will also improve productivity, as applications and information can be pre-loaded onto personal devices to ensure that anything needed is readily available when required, with minimal effort to discover relevant information.

The benefit of such a system mean that productivity can be improved, rather than disrupted, by learning and workers will be better placed to fulfil their roles as knowledge will have increased in ways that help their employers.

Companies will find that using device and online learning will greatly reduce training overheads and ensure that staff can be trained much quicker, easier and more cheaply than traditional training. This in turn means that more staff can be trained and provided with necessary information quickly.

The other important thing is that companies are much more able to keep track of employees’ progress with online and mobile learning systems and can easily look at a number of progress and achievement records simultaneously.

As technology evolves and new things are launched, this market is one which is sure to increase and improve with many more interactive and useful ways of incorporating learning and working to increase productivity with minimal disruption to the working day being developed.

This opens up the possibility for a whole host of different applications for mobile and device learning from course booking to uploading content. It has endless possibilities for the future. 

Written by Sara Thomson


If you have ever had a long commute on public transport, you will probably have discovered that it is time that few people spend productively. Reading the newspaper, listening to music or even catching up on a little extra sleep can all help to pass the time. Most people will have a tale of someone who spends their commute in an interesting way, such as applying full make-up or making loud and personal phone calls. But if you really want to make the most of what could otherwise be wasted time, then why not consider taking some training courses and using that time to get ahead in either your professional or personal life? Whether you want to study a subject so that you can improve your success in your existing career or learn new skills so that you can change career, there are plenty of elearning courses available. You can learn on the go, whenever and wherever suits you best.

You may have a laptop that you use regularly on the train anyway, or a tablet which is so portable you take it everywhere. This means that you can access your course material in any place you can get online. This could mean that you never spend another journey staring out of the window and thinking about what you'll do when you get home. You could be expanding your mind, improving your career prospects or even learning something that you take you down a whole new professional path and doing it in time that you would have otherwise just wasted.

And, of course, it isn't just the time you actually spend travelling that can be boring and unproductive – unless you are incredibly lucky, you will have encountered delays and difficulties when travelling by train. Whether the train is late or you are, you can end up hanging about for hours waiting for your connection and if you have nothing to do then it can be and infuriating experience. An elearning course may not be able to stop you from being annoyed, but it could help you to use the time in a productive way. Some good will come out of the situation and help you to achieve your goals in even less time. Whether you travel by train, bus, tube, tram or even ferry, using your commute to help you get ahead could make it the most rewarding part of your day.


There are plenty of people who are annoyed about the fact that technology seems to be invading every aspect of our lives, perhaps with good reason. It can be difficult to speak to a real person when calling a company to ask a question or make a complaint. Banking is now done through computerised systems rather than by talking to a local branch manager who knows you personally. Even going to the supermarket could mean having to deal with a computer which scans your shopping without another person being involved.


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