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Harassment and Victimisation Course

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Do you suspect that there is harassment and victimisation at work? This online course explains the different forms of harassment, and the circumstances that constitute victimisation.

Harassment and Victimisation

The Harassment and Victimisation online eLearning course is just 30 minutes long, but is capable of providing a wide range of information for those who need to understand this issue in the workplace. The course is ideal for all members of an organisation who require a basic understanding of this subject and how it can be applied and dealt with in the workplace.

Everyone should be treated with respect and dignity at work, and this eLearning course is the best way to ensure that everybody does that. The course comes in response to the Equality Act of 2010, which makes harassment and victimisation illegal. This of course means that all workers need to ensure that they understand the issues and know how to deal with them.

This eLearning course sets out the different kinds of harassment and the consequences that can come from it. The course also looks at how it can be avoided and how you should deal with it if it does happen.

There are simulations in this course, as well as case studies that let you get to grips with core concepts. The made up town ‘Equalityville’ will be your case study location, and you will be able to learn to recognise harassment within a working context.

The eLearning course will look at the definition of harassment, unwanted conduct that relates to a protected characteristic, sexual harassment, victimisation, rejecting or submitting to unwanted conduct, the definition of unwanted conduct and the definition of ‘related to a protected characteristic’. The course is an inclusive course and covers everything that you need to know in just half an hour.


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