Training Courses for Businesses

ELearning for Businesses is the new way for businesses to train staff.  E-Learning has predominantly been savoured for the large corporations and businesses that can afford to host an LMS system and have bespoke online training courses built for them to help educate their staff.

Cost Effective
We aim to bring this great feature to the small and medium businesses for a fraction of the cost of traditional training methods.
Traditionally companies have brought in expertise to train employees meaning that employees have to take additional time off from their duties as well as the possibility of having to travel, which can be costly for small companies.
E-Learning is a great way to train your staff and has the additional benefits that it can be accessed on demand and carried out in your own time at your own pace.
No need to travel or bring in expensive trainers.  Simply harness the power of elearning.
As long as you have a PC and an internet connection you can carry out the training from anywhere in the world.

Track and Manage your Employees Training
Our back end system lets you manage and track your employees progress through their training and identify which courses have been completed and which have not.
For a demo of the management system please contact us.

Bespoke E-Learning Training Courses
We work with some of the best names in the industry.  If you are looking to have a specific course tailored for your business then contact us and we can help you tailor the course to suit your requirements.

Everyone that completes a training course on receives a competence certificate.

Sample Certificate

Example Certificate

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