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Excel 2010 Intermediate Course

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This online Elearning course aims to teach you necessary skills in intermediate level Excel 2010.

Excel 2010 Intermediate

Would you like to improve your knowledge and understanding of Excel 2010 and how to use it? Are you interested in becoming much more organised and productive through the use of your spreadsheets? Intermediate Excel 2010 is the perfect course for Excel 2010 users to become much better acquainted with the software’s more complex features. The course can be studied conveniently from your computer and is also iPhone, iPad and Android compatible for quick learning on the go.

Participants on the Intermediate Excel 2010 who have a solid understanding of the basic functionality of Excel will benefit from the insight given to the more in-depth features of Excel. The course covers 10 of the intermediate functions of Excel 2010 and also features a final test to help you retain all the information you have learnt.

The modules are very comprehensive and provide key tips and information on each aspect they are focused on. Learners will study further develop their formula knowledge with education in absolute and relative referencing. This is accompanied by a module on using Excel 2010 functions correctly and effectively.

Another area covered in Intermediate Excel 2010 is enhanced formatting. Course participants will learn more about the options available to them in the formatting menu as well as some additional features that can be used to give better formatting to a spreadsheet.

Features such as creating charts, web pages and 3D workbooks are also covered in the course content. Intermediate Excel 2010 looks to give a much deeper understanding of Excel to learners and will eventually lead to them becoming much more competent with the program.

For those of you who are looking to learn more valuable skills and techniques about Excel 2010 then the Intermediate Excel 2010 course is a very worthy investment.


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Course Details

Course Details: ELearning
Length in Minutes    180 minutes
Language    English
Number of Modules    11
Qualification None
Course Prerequisites    None
Browser Compatibility    All Browsers
Android Compatible    2.2 and higher
iPad Compatible    Yes
iPhone Compatible    Yes
PC Compatible    Yes
Licence Period    6 Months

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