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Equal Opportunities in the Workplace, Recruitment and Selection Course

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The Workplace, Recruitment and Selection course explains the importance of avoiding discrimination, and treating all applicants and candidates fairly and equally throughout recruitment.

Equal Opportunities in the Workplace, Recruitment and Selection

Equal opportunities are a really important matter in all realms of society. In the workplace, it’s important to ensure that everybody within the organisation has the same opportunities. This is a 50 minute online learning course which is targeted at HR staff, supervisors and managers. The course can be obtained in audio and non-audio formats, and can also be delivered on the Internet or an a company Intranet. So not only is this a cost-efficient way of training your staff, but it’s also incredibly convenient and easy to implement.

These days, all employers run a risk if they do not ensure that all of their applicants and candidates for employment are treated equally and fairly. This risk exists as there are a number of legal responsibilities for companies that must be met when they are selecting and recruiting new employees. These requirements and responsibilities were set out by the Equality Act of 2010. The course takes this new act into account and ensures that everybody studying is given the necessary information to ensure that they are staying within the law when recruiting new employees.

The course includes avoiding discrimination in job mapping, complying with the law when advertising jobs, the job application form, sifting and short listing, avoiding discrimination within job interviews and diversity monitoring.

For all staff who have a HR or supervisory role, this course is necessary but really easy to incorporate into the working day, being just 50 minutes long.

The Equality Act is as the very core of this online eLearning course, and it uses the Act to explain and demonstrate all of the legal requirements and the best practices that should contribute towards a company remaining fair and dedicated to equality. This allows for an effective and respectful recruitment selection process throughout the recruitment procedure.


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