Anyone working in management will know that it can be hard to balance the desire for their staff to be able to make decisions independently and the concern that mistakes can easily be made by people who don't appreciate the impact of their actions. Even with the best of intentions, an untrained team member can take action which might have wide-reaching ramifications for other members of the work force, even on a matter which may not seem important at the time.

It can also work the other way, however – managers can find themselves bogged down in dealing with minor queries instead of getting on with more important work. This can be because their team members don't feel confident enough to make decisions and act on their own initiative, or because they don't have the authority to take action even when the issue itself can be easily resolved.

Proper training can help to remove these barriers to efficiency and make for a more productive working environment for everyone. Team members who aren't able to resolve issues by themselves often feel demotivated and have the impression that they aren't trusted to take matters into their own hands. Managers who have to oversee their team members' every action can feel as though they aren't able to get on with their own workload or that their skills are under-used.

Appropriate training can make entire departments work more efficiently, whether it's giving them a good grounding in administration to allow more effective management of the day-to-day work or something a little more specific. Customer service training courses can help staff in contact centres to feel as though they are able to deal with the regular issues that they hear on a daily basis. This means that managers can just oversee their teams rather than having to authorise every decision they make.

Sales teams can also benefit from training which will allow them to close deals more effectively and avoid having to refer back to a senior member of staff when it comes to landing bigger contracts or answering detailed questions about the products or services you offer.

Investing in training could help your company to build a workforce of trusted team members who are more than capable of taking the initiative in their workload. This could reduce staff turnover, improve morale and ensure that you are building a team that can handle anything which comes their way.

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