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Budgeting Basics Course

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The Budgeting Basics course covers the basic principles of budgeting helping anyone that has little to no previous experience with budgeting.

Budgeting Basics

Having to manage a budget can be an onerous task – and one that is rarely recognized unless we get it wrong, which is something that is far easy to do. Many positions nowadays have being able to budget as part of the job description, and all too often this skill is overlooked because many people believe it’s just a case of common sense – often with dire consequences.

If you would like to take your budgeting seriously, and want to know how to get it right, then it’s important that you start with the basics – get the underpinning knowledge in place and work from there! That is the rationale behind Budgeting Basics. This eLearning course will take you through the key concepts of budgeting, so that you have a better awareness of what is needed.

The questions that you will look at in Budgeting Basics are: What is a budget? Why are budgets necessary? What’s involved at each stage of the budgeting process? You will be able to answer these questions by working through the different stages of this online elearning course, which include: How Organisations Budget; The Budgeting Process; and Accounting Conventions.

Once you have completed Budgeting Basics, you will be presented with a series of tests so that you can assess how much you have learned so that you can re-visit any areas if necessary.

Upon successful completion of the online learning course you will have the skills and knowledge to have a concise notion of what a budget is (and, by definition, what it isn’t); have a clear understanding of how an organisation’s financial plans have an effect across departments; be aware of the stages of a budgeting process; and be familiar with the accounting conventions that are necessary in order to have an effective budget.

There are four modules in Budgeting Basics and they will take you 90 minutes to complete. You don’t need any previous knowledge of budgeting to participate, and you can access this online course on your PC as well as an iPad or iPhone.


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Course Details: ELearning
Length in Minutes    90 minutes
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Number of Modules    4
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Licence Period    6 Months

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