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Avoiding and Dealing with Sex Discrimination Course

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In these days of equality unfortunately sex discrimination can still occur. Ensure it doesn't with this eLearning course. It will outline possible causes and solutions.

Avoiding and Dealing with Sex Discrimination

Sex discrimination does unfortunately still occur, and this online learning course is the best way to deal with it in your business. The Avoiding and Dealing with Sex Discrimination eLearning course takes just 30 minutes to complete. Every single person working within your organisation could benefit from this course, but more particularly, managers, supervisors, line managers and HR staff would probably benefit from the course the most.

This course is important for all businesses, particularly after the Equality Act of 2010 being passed. This Equality Act has made it particularly important for businesses to ensure that they are abiding by the law, and now discriminating against people due to their race or sex. This is often the case these days unfortunately, so a course like this could help your business stop this kind of discrimination.

Everybody taking the course will learn exactly what sex discrimination is, where it may occur, and how it may occur directly or indirectly. Furthermore, the course will discuss equal pay for men and women and any exceptions to the law, including occupational requirements. Exceptions to the law also include positive action. Sexual harassment is also covered in this informative online learning course.

So if you’re looking to ensure that your company is abiding by the law and that your workers are acting morally, responsibly and ethically, then you can be sure that Avoiding and Dealing with Sex Discrimination online learning course is the best way to go. Get online today and see what this accessible eLearning course can do for your company.


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