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Avoiding and Dealing with Age Discrimination Course

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This Avoiding and Dealing with Age Discrimination course is designed to help you understand what age discrimination means, the various types of discrimination and how they can occur in the workplace.

Avoiding and Dealing with Age Discrimination

Avoiding discrimination these days is more important than ever, due to the recent Equality Act of 2010. Age discrimination is just one kind of discrimination that must be tackled in the workplace. This online learning course has been designed to ensure that all workers are able to understand the problem, and how to deal with it if it does arise.

In just 50 minutes, all members of an organisation that need a basic understanding of this subject will have been given all the information and resources that they need.

The course covers an awful lot in just 50 minutes, but does so effectively. First off, the course takes you through the definition of age discrimination and how age discrimination can occur. The course also looks at exceptions to the age discrimination law, and objective justification. Furthermore, it will take a look at occupational requirements, positive action and the different kinds of age discrimination.

The different kinds of age discrimination module will look at the definitions of direct and indirect discrimination, discrimination by association, age-related victimisation and age-related harassment.

Age discrimination is illegal, and hence, if you or your business fails to follow the law then it can lead to some serious consequences for employers. Hence, it’s important for you to embrace an online learning course like this, which can ensure that everybody in the business understands the problem and knows how to deal with it if it does arise.

The course is also cost-efficient and time friendly, too. So get online today and ensure that your workers understand the issue properly, as to avoid legal issues and to be a morally responsible business.


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