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Asbestos Awareness Course

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The Asbestos Awareness course is designed for anyone who is likely to come into contact or work with asbestos as a non-licensed contractor/worker.

Asbestos Awareness

It has long been known that asbestos is a dangerous substance to work with because of the particles that can get into your lungs. In fact, it is so dangerous that it is often referred to as the hidden killer, and it is thought to be responsible for the largest number of occupational deaths in the UK. The reason for this is that, before the dangers became known in 1980, it was used extensively in the building industry with more than nine million homes and one and a half million workplaces having some form of asbestos in them.

Although awareness has made the dangers less than they were, it is still vitally important that non-licensed contractors and workers who are likely to come across asbestos in the course of their work should be trained to be aware of asbestos.

Asbestos Awareness is an online course designed to meet specifically the needs of these workers. There are five modules in total, which are: Asbestos – What it is, Where it is Found and the Danger it Presents; Asbestos and the Law; Non-Licensed Working with Asbestos; Personal and Respiratory Protective Equipment; and Safe Working Procedures with Asbestos. Learners will find the course content useful, easy to access and understand, and something that they can transfer to their own working practices.

It will take two hours to complete all five modules of this online eLearning course, but the licence is valid for six months from the time of purchase, which means that you will be able to incorporate your training into your schedule, as well as being able to take breaks in between modules so that you can absorb what you have learned.


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Course Details: ELearning
Length in Minutes    120 minutes
Language    English
Number of Modules    5
Qualification None
Course Prerequisites    None
Browser Compatibility    All Browsers
Android Compatible    2.2 and higher
iPad Compatible    Yes
iPhone Compatible    Yes
PC Compatible    Yes
Licence Period    6 Months

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