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An Introduction to Persuading and Influencing Course

An Introduction to Persuading and Influencing
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Persuading and Influencing are important skills to have in many jobs, from sales to Customer Service. This course teaches you the essential skills required to effectively persuade and influence.

An Introduction to Persuading and Influencing

There are many jobs that involve needing to be able to persuade and influence other people – sales and negotiation are just two examples, but this isn’t necessarily a skill that some people are born with the ability to do. In fact, even people who are practised in the art of persuading and influencing can learn new aspects of their trade.

An Introduction to Persuading and Influencing is an e-learning course that has been especially designed to show you the skills that are necessary for effective persuasion and influencing. You will be taught how to make the correct preparations so that persuading and influencing people will soon become an intrinsic part of your job role. This will enable you to become far more productive and will give you a more natural aura as a leader, recognised by both your staff and your peers.

You will become far more effective when using the methods that you will be taught in this e-learning course because, instead of using the coercion (which can often be translated into ‘bullying’) methods of many other managers, you will not de-motivate those around you, and they, in their turn, will also become more productive.

An Introduction to Persuading and Influencing covers three areas in its one module. These are: Adding value to key management roles; Moving people towards a course of action; and The role of automatic behaviours. Upon completion of the online course, you will be committed to the use of persuasion, and understand why persuasion, rather than coercion, is the better way to achieve the outcomes that you desire.

You can access An Introduction to Persuading and Influencing from a PC, and you do not need to have any previous experience or knowledge of the subject beforehand.

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