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A Background to Body Language Course

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The Background to Body Language Course will give you an overview of posture, gesture and proxemics. A must if you are looking to understand a person without them saying anything.

A Background to Body Language

This 15-minute online eLearning course will provide you with the knowledge you need to be able to understand body language, and implement this knowledge into your daily life. The course is designed for anyone that wants to develop body language into their communication skill set in order to appear comfortable around clients and workers, or for other similar reasons.

Once you complete the eLearning course, you will know what the precise definition of body language is, understand what the connection between intuition and body language is and be able to explain the meaning of proxemics, gestures and posture.

The course helps people build on their ability to understand how a person is feeling even without them saying something. It’s common for individuals to feel like they are getting ‘vibes’ from another person, even when they haven’t said anything – and this online course can help you understand how the individual is feeling, regardless of what they are actually saying to you. You will learn how to approach people using comfortable body language and how to recognise when somebody is uncomfortable, angry or otherwise.

The course will also enable the student to explain why we often have intuitive reactions towards other people, and to identify how personal communication can be improved by understanding and using body language on a daily basis. In just 15 minutes, you’ll be given a general overview and the information you need to be prepared for the development of your skills using body language to improve the effectiveness of your interpersonal communication within the workplace or elsewhere. It’s an important and accessible course!



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Course Details: ELearning
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